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Math Made Easy Books

Math Made Easy Books
These are great books that give a thorough review of topics taught in each grade level and prepare students for standardized testing. We had the 3rd grade version first which still helped my child learn 4th grade math. The books stop at grade 5, but I wish they went to higher grades.

Math Made Easy: fifth grade Workbook
The book is great for a review over the summer. Our child has problems with math and this is keeping him up to speed with his math for next year. We will be doing the same thing for 6th grade

Comment on the Whole Series
I have to agree on lack of instructions. You are left on your own to explain the concepts or techniques to your kids. I have used the whole series from Grade 1 through Grade 5. But the standard is a bit low. Right now my 1 st grade kid is doing 4 grade Math and 3 rd grade kid is finishing 5 th grade Math.

Bottom line, Gives a good foundation and lots of practice. Once
we finish the 5 th grade book, we will look else where to continue. We are definitely happy with what our kids have learned from this.

Math Made Easy: First Grade Workbook (Math Made Easy)


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