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The Twilight Saga

This was one of the worst books I ever read. I have never heard of a character as cowardly, flimsy, or wimpy as Bella. Also, she is extremely material and obsesses over Edward’s appearance EVERY SINGLE TIME SHE SEES HIM. Also, she doesn’t find it creepy that Edward sits and watches her sleep every night, like a stalker. That would disturb most people, even if they’re not normal. I think there must be something wrong with her because even in fairy tale true love stories people do not become that obsessed with each other. Another very irritating part is that they fall in love in like two days. Seriously, Bella wants to become a member of their family after she’s spent like twenty four hours with Edward. That is absurd unless you’re talking about Cinderella of the Little Mermaid or someone like that, and they don’t become as crazy as Bella about it. Furthermore, she is an extreme coward; she practically has hysterics anytime something scary happens, and then half the time she says its because she’s afraid for Edward, who, by the way, is a rock solid vampire with a big family of more rock solid vampires. So, overall, this was the worst book I ever read; or at least I thought it was until I read New Moon and Eclipse. One thing that can be said for these books is that they are interesting, but not worth the read.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

An excellent beginning to an excellent series!!
Stephenie Meyer is an incredible author and Twilight is a fantastic first entry! Every character, from Bella and Edward, to James and even Charlie, are likeable and very well conceived.
Let’s get one thing straight, though: THIS IS NOT JUST A BOOK FOR YOUNG ADULTS. Anyone who loves a good story is going to like this book. Though it relates well to young adults, as it covers a lot of the same problems teens face, it translates well for adults, too.
I, personally, am very anxious to see the film adaptation of this book come this December, just to see how well this fiction extravaganza translates to the silver screen.
I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone. It is definitely worth a look.

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