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Low-calorie Foods Handbook (Food Science and Technology) (Hardcover)

Low-calorie Foods Handbook (Food Science and Technology)

. . .this book makes for fascinating reading and is a complete review of the many aspects of low-calorie foods. —Journal of the American Dietetic Association . . .health professionals and product development food scientists should own this book. —Food Technology

Product Description
This reference examines all aspects of low-calorie foods – including their history, technology, ingredients, governing regulations, position of the food market and future prospects – while addressing the medical and social rationale for their development.;Discussing the full range of processed foods that mimic existing foods, Low-Calorie Foods Handbook: provides a detailed understanding of the materials that make sugar and fat substitutes possible, such as artificial sweeteners, bulking agents, protein-based fat replacers, and noncaloric and low-calorie oils; offers examples of technical problems that must be solved to make low-calorie foods equal in taste, smell and texture to (more…)


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