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Poetic Thoughts: From the Heart of a Woman (Paperback)

Poetic Thoughts: From the Heart of a WomanLike a Pandora’s Box, I will open my mind to great things seen of many life times of dreamsSisters, if you’ve lived life and have experienced love, lost, happiness, heartache and pain, brothers if you want to know what’s really on a sister’s mind and in her heart, then check out these “Poems from the Heart of a Woman” Shall I worry about what you think of me or shall I allow my soul to be free of your thoughts and moods that drain my energy, and hinder the expansion and growth of the food of life that I eat plenty of, as I inhale and then exhale the bread and meat and drink of the ocean, adding the air, to sweeten its taste. Shall I worry about how you look at me, with your watchful eyes and your self righteous thoughts that take up my precious space and time, which is of essence for a soul such as mine, eager to learn and to know the things that the universe does not make obvious to the consciousness. Shall I be so worried that you would read what I put (more…)


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