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Walk the Walk: The Kid’s Book of Pedometer Challenges (Spiral-bound)

Walk the Walk: The Kid's Book of Pedometer Challenges

Getting today’s high-tech, computer savvy kids to exercise isn’t easy—but this kit will do the trick! That’s because it includes a cool gadget and the activities seem just like games.  And to kids, that spells FUN.  Walk the Walk is jam-packed with creative and entertaining ways to use the child-friendly pedometer that comes attached to the colorful book.  See how many steps you take walking the dog—or figure out how many it would take to walk across the ocean if you could.  Or give your favorite sport a cool twist by bringing the pedometer into play: first calculate the average number of paces from home plate to first base in baseball or softball.  Any runner who can’t reach the base in that number of paces (or less) is out, no matter what.  And there’s plenty of other great stuff to do inside, too.  New pedometer-philes will learn how to make the most of this handy gadget, from online pedometer challenges to walk-racing mom and da (more…)


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