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ACCUSPLIT AE170 Pedometer with Steps, Distance, and Calories Burned

ACCUSPLIT AE170 Pedometer with Steps, Distance, and Calories Burned

Increase your fitness level by walking and keeping track of your steps with the easy-to-use Accusplit AE170 pedometer. By walking just 2,000 more steps a day, you’ll be on your way to a healthier you. The AE170 counts up to 100,000 walked or jogged steps, computes the distance traveled in either miles or kilometers, and computes the calories you’ve burned during your activity. Other features include: Set Stride length in inches or centimeters Calorie count automatically rolls over after 9,999 Closed case protection for display and reset button Large, easy-to-read LED screen 1.5-year battery life Includes 3-way leash Backed by 5-year warranty About ACCUSPLIT Since its founding in 1972, ACCUSPLIT’s has produced professional quality stopwatches, heart rate monitors, timers, and clocks. ACCUSPLIT was the first manufacturer of digital stopwatches, and the company quickly earned a reputation for making accurate, quality products. The company’s president, W. Ron Sutton, is the (more…)


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